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Appointments and Remuneration Committee

During the Board Meeting held on 26th June 2018, the new Appointments and Remuneration Committee was appointed; the Company, in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Listed Companies, opted for a single Committee which performs its functions both with regard to appointments and remuneration. The Committee makes proposals to the Board of Directors for the remuneration of the Chief Executive Officer and the other Directors who cover specific offices. Furthermore, it makes proposals with regard to the appointments and remuneration of the Company's senior management and other corporate figures. The Committee aids the Board of Directors in the preparation and implementation of any remuneration plans based on shares or financial instruments and assesses the adequacy and application of the Remuneration Policy and the related annual report. It is made up of three members of which two independent directors and a third, in any event, non-executive member.


Paola De Martini     President
Anna Belova
Alina Sychova