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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Tiscali stock traded?

The Tiscali Stock is traded on the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan (TIS.IM). At 31st December 2010 the number of shares outstanding was 1,861,492,032.

When was the company's IPO? At what price did Tiscali go public?

Tiscali became a publicly traded company on the Milan Nuovo Mercato on October 27th, 1999, at a price of Euro 4.6 per share (IT0001453924; Symbol: TIS). From June 21st, 2001, to December 23rd 2005, Tiscali was traded on Euronext Paris (ISIN Code: IT0001453924; SICOVAM Code: 005773).

What is Tiscali's shareholder base?

Our Shareholding structure can be viewed here

How can I sell the World Online shares which I still own?

The tender offer on World Online shares, launched in December 2000, closed in January 2001 with the purchase of approximately 99.5% of the stock. A buyback plan by Tiscali on the World Online shares still outstanding is not planned. Whoever owns World Online shares may send their details to ir@tiscali.com so that they can be contacted in case the company should proceed to purchase the shares still outstanding.

What is Tiscali's main source of income?

The activities of the Tiscali Group and the relevant strategies, as well as activities of subsidiaries, are articulated and defined by geographical segment, this being therefore the primary reporting segment for the purposes on segment information, as required by IAS 14. From July 2009 the Company focalized its activities in Italy.
Lines of business (Access, Voice, Business services / Business, Media & VAS) represent the secondary segment of reporting.
The Group revenues, as of 31 December 2009, stood at EUR 290.4 million.

Revenues by business line (as of 31 December 2009):

  • Internet access (dial-up and ADSL) registered EUR 135.8 million, accounting for 47% of Group’s revenues, in line with FY08;
  • Voice services registered EUR 94.3 million, accounting for 32% of revenues. These services –analogical and VoIP voice – show a growth of 20% in the VoIP mode as compared to FY08 and confirms the great success of the double play offers;
  • Business services registered EUR 27.6 million, accounting for 10% of revenues;
  • Media & VAS registered EUR 16.6 million, accounting for 6% of Group’s revenues.

In 2009 the increase in revenues can be attributed to the growth in dual play services.

What are Tiscali's strengths?

Tiscali is an independent player, not controlled by any incumbent. This enables the company to be at the edge of innovation with telecommunication and other value-added services.
In detail:

  • Tiscali is one of the main suppliers of Broadband services with xDSL technology has a customer base with about 609,000 active users. Of these approx. 570,200 are ADSL users, more then 387,000 received unbundled services (31st December 2009)

One of the leading alternative telecommunications companies in Italy, Tiscali supplies to its customers, both private individuals and companies, a wide range of services: internet access through dial-up and ADSL, Voice, VoIP, media, value-added services and other technologically advanced product Thanks to its unbundling network (ULL), its offer of innovative services and its strong brand, Tiscali reaches a strategic position in the market.

Who are Tiscali's main competitors?

In Italy, where Tiscali has a broadband market share of about 5%, the main competitors are Telecom Italia, Fastweb, Wind and Tele2.

What were Tiscali's main financial results as of 31.12.2009?

(The following data are prepared in accordance with IAS/IFRS international accounting principles)

  • Total Group revenues at EUR 290.4 million;
  • Gross Margin at EUR 169.7 million (58% on revenues);
  • Gross Operating Result (Adjusted EBITDA) at EUR 88.1 million, 30% of revenues, as compared to the result positive for EUR 85.9 million recorded in 2008;
  • Operating Result (EBIT) positive at EUR 11.4 million, compared to the loss of EUR 14.2 million in 2008;
  • Net result from continuing operations negative at EUR 12.4 million, as compared to result negative for EUR 102.7 million in 2008;
  • Net financial debt negative at EUR 211.2 million and total investments – including the customer base development and the unbundling network deployment - for ca EUR 40.8 million.


What are the main products offered by Tiscali?

Tiscali offers the following products:

  • Internet Access
    • Narrowband
    • Broadband (direct and indirect access)
  • Voice: analogical and VoIP and the mobile offer
  • Leased lines, VPN, hosting and Housing for business customers.

What are your Capex in 2009?

As of 31 December 2009, the expansion of the ULL networks and the other investments for the installation and activation of new ADSL customers have generated investments for EUR 40.8 million, of which ca EUR 25.8 million are investments in intangible assets and ca EUR 15 million are investments in tangible assets.

When are the 2010 financial results going to be released?

Tiscali will release its 2010 results after their approval from the Board of Directors, planned for the 25th of March.

When is the next shareholders' meeting scheduled?

The next ordinary shareholders’ meeting will take place for the approval of the 2010 Annual Report.

How can I participate in or attend the next Shareholder's meeting?

In order to attend the annual general meeting, shareholders must obtain a document certifying your holding of Tiscali's shares by the record date (14th April 2011). This can be obtained from your bank where the shares are held and will act as your 'admission ticket' to the meeting. This certificate needs to be received by the Company at least two days in advance of the first call. It is also possible to set up a "proxy voting" to the delegate chosen by the person who votes or to the designated representative, the Servizio Titoli S.p.A., using the models available on the Company's website. In order to gain entry into the annual general meeting, participants must present this certificate, together with an identity card, at the entrance of the room where the meeting is being held.

How can I request further information on the company?

All documents are available in Italian and English on Tiscali Corporate Website www.tiscali.it, Investors page.

It is also possible by sending an e-mail to get for free printed copies of the latest Annual Report, half-year and quarterly financial reports. You need just to write to ir@tiscali.com.

To obtain further information on the company, you can contact directly the Investor relations team at the following contact details. 

E-mail: ir@tiscali.com

Contact: Gianluca Nonnis