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30/12/2009 Information for the market pursuant to Art. 114, paragraph 5 of Law Decree 58/98 view pdf [59KB]
23/12/2009 Notice of Exercise of the "WARRANT TISCALI S.P.A. 2009 - 2014" view pdf [63KB]
22/12/2009 The Shareholders' Extraordinary Meeting of Tiscali has approved all items in theagenda view pdf [81KB]
21/12/2009 The Shareholders' Ordinary Meeting of Tiscali has approved all items in the agenda view pdf [84KB]
11/12/2009 Tiscali: Published the documentation related to the Shareholders' meeting pursuant toarticle 2446 of the Italian Civil Code view pdf [108KB]
09/12/2009 Notice of the Shareholders' meeting date view pdf [67KB]
09/12/2009 Tiscali: Renato Soru presents the list for the renewal of the Board of Directors view pdf [70KB]
04/12/2009 Tiscali: Published the documents related to the Shareholders' meeting view pdf [77KB]
30/11/2009 Information for the market pursuant to Art. 144, paragraph 5 of Law Decree 58/98 view pdf [55KB]
27/11/2009 Dutch Supreme Court's decision in relation to World Online International view pdf [47KB]
20/11/2009 Notice of Shareholders' agreement view pdf [58KB]
19/11/2009 Shareholders'meeting - Notice of Call view pdf [29KB]
16/11/2009 Tiscali: Completed with 99.99% take-up the rights issue of approximately EUR 180 million view pdf [62KB]
13/11/2009 Notice of Warrant Tiscali S.p.A view pdf [69KB]
13/11/2009 Results for the nine months ended at 30 September 2009 view pdf [157KB]
13/11/2009 Notice of deposit information document related parties view pdf [80KB]
03/11/2009 Tiscali: Concluded with a large take up from the market of the rights issue of Tiscali shares with warrants totalling ca EUR 180 million view pdf [30KB]
30/10/2009 Tiscali: Information to the market pursuant to Art. 144 Legislative Decree 58/98 view pdf [110KB]
30/10/2009 Tiscali: Renato Soru exercises option rights for ca EUR 31.4 million in the capital increase view pdf [57KB]
19/10/2009 Notice of publication of supplement to the Information Prospectus view pdf [71KB]
19/10/2009 Tiscali: Consob approves the publication of the Supplement to the Prospectus view pdf [51KB]
15/10/2009 Tiscali: Soru denies hypothesis of a reduction of his stake in Tiscali view pdf [12KB]
12/10/2009 Tiscali: beginning of the rights issue period the offer to shareholders of Shares with free Warrants arising from the capital increase. view pdf [71KB]
09/10/2009 Notice of publication of Information prospectus 10/10/2009 view pdf [118KB]
07/10/2009 Tiscali: Rights issue commences. Ordinary shares with warrants view pdf [94KB]
01/10/2009 Tiscali: Former CEO Tommaso Pompei renounces to the exercise of options under a stock option plan approved in 2007 view pdf [39KB]
30/09/2009 Information for the market pursuant to Art. Legislative Decree No. 114, paragraph 5 58/98 view pdf [163KB]
22/09/2009 Tiscali: Filing of the request to authorise the publication of the Prospectus for the rights issue of about EUR 180 million view pdf [102KB]
14/09/2009 Share Capital Variation view pdf [21KB]
09/09/2009 Reverse stock split from September 14th 2009 view pdf [68KB]
29/08/2009 Tiscali: Deposit of 1H2009 report view pdf [272KB]
28/08/2009 Tiscali: Approval of half year results and share grouping view pdf [111KB]
27/08/2009 Tiscali: Board of Directors to resume meeting view pdf [28KB]
31/07/2009 Tiscali: Information to the market view pdf [50KB]
29/07/2009 Tiscali: publication of the Informative Document related to the disposal of Tiscali UK Ltd view pdf [38KB]
06/07/2009 Tiscali: Completes the sale of Tiscali UK view pdf [87KB]
30/06/2009 The Extraordinary Meeting of Tiscali has approved all items in the agenda view pdf [171KB]
22/06/2009 Tiscali: the Board of Directors sets the reverse stock split ratio and the terms of the capital increases in option view pdf [73KB]
18/06/2009 Tiscali: Publication of the documentation in relation to the Extraordinary General Meeting of June 28/29/30 2009 view pdf [59KB]
12/06/2009 Tiscali: publication of the documentation in relation to the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting of 28/29/30 June view pdf [64KB]
29/05/2009 Framework agreement on debt restructuring view pdf [171KB]
26/05/2009 Closing of the sale of TiNet to BS view pdf [57KB]
14/05/2009 Tiscali's Board of Directors approves the quarterly report at 31st March 2009 view pdf [398KB]
14/05/2009 Tiscali: Resignation of Mario Rosso and appointment of Renato Soru view pdf [57KB]
08/05/2009 Disposal of Tiscali UK and Guidelines of the debt restructuring plan view pdf [90KB]
06/05/2009 Tiscali: Clarification view pdf [49KB]
04/05/2009 Tiscali: Clarification view pdf [45KB]
30/04/2009 Note of CdA - art. 114 view pdf [39KB]
30/04/2009 The Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of Tiscali S.p.A. approved the 2008 financial statements view pdf [117KB]
24/04/2009 Tiscali: Clarification view pdf [54KB]
30/03/2009 Tiscali: Clarification view pdf [33KB]
27/03/2009 Tiscali: Approval of the Draft of the Annual Financial Statements as of 31st December 2008 view pdf [88KB]
19/03/2009 Tiscali: Renato Soru in the Board of Directors view pdf [57KB]
18/03/2009 Tiscali: Statement view pdf [55KB]
10/03/2009 Tiscali: Clarification view pdf [55KB]
06/03/2009 Tiscali: Board of Directors view pdf [94KB]
27/02/2009 Tiscali: Statement view pdf [44KB]
26/02/2009 Tiscali: Statement view pdf [55KB]
03/02/2009 BS Private Equity acquires Tiscali International Network view pdf [125KB]
23/01/2009 Tiscali: Statement view pdf [64KB]
21/01/2009 Tiscali: Statement view pdf [56KB]
19/01/2009 Luca Scano appointed as General Manager of Tiscali Italia view pdf [46KB]