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28/12/2007 M&C subscribes the Eur 60 million bonds convertible into Tiscali S.p.A. shares view pdf [52KB]
21/12/2007 Tiscali's EGM approves capital increase for M&C convertible bonds issuance view pdf [33KB]
27/11/2007 Tiscali Rights Issue view pdf [50KB]
26/11/2007 The Board of Directors of Tiscali S.p.A. approves the business plan 2008-2012. view pdf [72KB]
19/11/2007 Tiscali has released an announcement of share capital increase and the approval of bond investment into Tiscali shares. view pdf [43KB]
13/11/2007 Tiscali's Board of Directors approves 3Q2007 results view pdf [98KB]
31/10/2007 Tiscali Approval of 3rd Quarter 2007 results: change of date view pdf [27KB]
14/09/2007 Tiscali: Closing of Pipex acquisition view pdf [46KB]
13/09/2007 Tiscali's Board of Directors approves 1H2007 results view pdf [90KB]
31/08/2007 Tiscali's extraordinary Shareholders' meeting empowers the Board of Directors to increase the share capital up to a maximum of EUR 220 million view pdf [51KB]
17/08/2007 Tiscali S.p.A.: the UK Office of Fair Trading approves Pipex acquisition view pdf [52KB]
10/08/2007 Management & Capitali supports the development plans of Tiscali view pdf [35KB]
09/08/2007 Tiscali: clarification view pdf [26KB]
28/07/2007 Tiscali's Board of Directors calls an extraordinary meeting to delegate capital increase with pre-emption rights for up to EUR 200 million view pdf [51KB]
27/07/2007 Launch Of A New Virtual Mobile Operator view pdf [85KB]
17/07/2007 Clarification view pdf [25KB]
13/07/2007 Tiscali to acquire Pipex broadband and voice division for GBP 210 million with new financing package view pdf [53KB]
28/06/2007 Tiscali's Board of Directors reviews the company's Articles of Association and assigns stock options to management view pdf [46KB]
27/06/2007 Tiscali TV Adds Sky Basic Channelsto its Offering in the UK view pdf [31KB]
19/06/2007 Tiscali: Completed the disposal of Dutch assets to KPN. view pdf [44KB]
21/05/2007 Tiscali S.p.A.: Clarification view pdf [55KB]
10/05/2007 Tiscali's Board of Directors approves results for the first quarter 2007 view pdf [83KB]
03/05/2007 Approval of 2006 annual report and stock option plan Borghesi and Sabelli confirmed as Directors view pdf [36KB]
28/03/2007 Denied contacts with Wind view pdf [55KB]
20/03/2007 Tiscali: the Board of Directors approves the draft 2006 consolidated accounts andthe proposal of a stock options plan view pdf [97KB]
01/03/2007 Tiscali: closing of the disposal of German B2C activities to Freenet view pdf [28KB]
15/02/2007 Tiscali: preliminary results in line with the Business Plan - Over EUR 340 million financing view pdf [34KB]
05/02/2007 Disposal of B2B activities in Germany to Ecotel Communication AG view pdf [56KB]
31/01/2007 Tiscali: Disposal of B2C activities in Germany to Freenet view pdf [32KB]