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23/12/2005 Luca Scano appointed Managing Director of Tiscali Netherlands view pdf [50KB]
23/12/2005 Tiscali S.p.A.: Voluntary delisting from Euronext Paris view pdf [78KB]
10/11/2005 Tiscali's Board of Directors approves results as of 30 September 2005 view pdf [211KB]
31/10/2005 Tommasi Pompei appointed CEO of Tiscali Group view pdf [95KB]
22/09/2005 Tiscali's Board of Directors approves first-half 2005 results view pdf [325KB]
08/08/2005 Tiscali announces EUR 150 million debt financing from Silver Point/ 2nd quarter 2005 results highlights show growth in line with the business plan view pdf [103KB]
02/08/2005 Telecom Italia and Tiscali: Agreement for the purchase of Tiscali's International Fiberoptic Network view pdf [121KB]
26/07/2005 Tiscali Netherlands focuses its offer on ULL ADSL products view pdf [52KB]
07/07/2005 Tiscali repays bonds due today view pdf [48KB]
04/07/2005 Transition to IAS/IFRS and changes in the Company's financial events calendar view pdf [89KB]
27/06/2005 Telecom Italia and Tiscali finalize the price of Liberty Surf Group shares view pdf [47KB]
31/05/2005 Telecom Italia and Tiscali concluded the transaction related to the transfer of 94.89% of Liberty Surf Group view pdf [54KB]
20/05/2005 Sale of Excite to Ask Jeeves view pdf [81KB]
16/05/2005 Tiscali shareholders' meeting: Extraordinary section in third call view pdf [84KB]
12/05/2005 Tiscali's board of directors approves 1Q05 results. Results in line with 2005-2007 business plan view pdf [161KB]
05/05/2005 Tiscali Shareholders' Meeting approves 2004 accounts and appoints Board of Directors view pdf [88KB]
13/04/2005 Tiscali: presentation of 2005-2007 business plan view pdf [81KB]
05/04/2005 Telecom Italia to acquire Liberty Surf from Tiscali view pdf [128KB]
29/03/2005 Tiscali's board of directors approves draft of consolidated results for 2004 view pdf [252KB]
24/03/2005 Tiscali S.p.A: negotiations underway with Telecom Italia for the disposalof the French subsidiary Liberty Surf Group. view pdf [55KB]
03/03/2005 Tiscali: Offers for the French subsidiary view pdf [52KB]
15/02/2005 Tiscali board of directors approves 4Q04 results: Achieved targets announced to the market view pdf [183KB]
01/02/2005 Tiscali: sale of Tiscali Denmark for EUR 20.7 millions view pdf [76KB]
17/01/2005 Tiscali: approved disposal of Tiscali South Africa view pdf [49KB]
03/01/2005 Tiscali SpA: rationalisation of group structure via separation of Italian businesses from holding company activities view pdf [103KB]