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Revenues by Business Line as of 31 December 2015

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Tiscali is one of the main telecommunications companies in Italy and offers its customers, individuals and companies, a wide range of communication services: Internet access in DSL mode, Voice, VoIP, value-added services, mobile and Over the Top services. Tiscali is also active in the digital media segment and online advertising through its portal www.tiscali.it, one of the main Italian portals that in 2015 recorded a total traffic of over 300 million monthly average pageviews, and Veesible, which deals with the sale of the www.tiscali.it portal advertising space but also of several other leading Italian web properties.


The company complements its digital strategy through innovation monitoring and the development of digital Over The Top applications such as Istella (Search Engine), Indoona (Personal Unified Messaging integrated system) and Streamago (application of social media key areas integrated live streaming). The development of such products and services identifies Tiscali as an operator that historically focuses on innovation made for its customers.


Thanks to the merger with Aria Group, Tiscali has expanded its industrial asset portfolio, particularly by acquiring the license for 40MHz spectrum of technology neutral 3.5GHz frequency and the proprietary fixed wireless access network. By aggregating the assets of Aria, today Tiscali is one of the few national operators to have an End-to-End proprietary network infrastructure (network of transportation + Access Network), a key asset to successfully operate in the telecommunications market, and with which the company can increase both the competitiveness of its offers and its overall profitability. Through this proprietary network infrastructure, Tiscali will launch the new ultra-broadband services Fixed Wireless LTE (with speeds up to 100Mbps), which will significantly enrich its product portfolio in the connectivity services.