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Founded in January 1998 as a small local company following the liberalization of the telecommunications market in Italy, Tiscali rapidly became an important player throughout the entire national territory, with its peculiar innovative approach. Listed on the stock exchange in 1999, it experienced a period of expansion throughout Europe, to then concentrate again on the Italian market.


In 2015, the merger with the Aria Group allowed Tiscali to expand its portfolio of industrial assets, in particular by acquiring both a 42MHz spectrum license on a 3.5Ghz “technology neutral” frequency and the proprietary Fixed Wireless access network.


In 2018, Tiscali obtained an extension of the 3.5GHz license until December 2029, and signed a Strategic Agreement with Fastweb which will fully leverage on the frequency, even if the ownership of the same is transferred, also by virtue of its use for the development of 5G services. The Agreement with Fastweb allows Tiscali to continue to market LTE Fixed Wireless services in the “Extended Digital Divide” areas, expanding the addressable market for Fiber services from around 8 million families and companies to around 18 million.


Currently, Tiscali is one of the main alternative telecommunications companies in Italy and offers its customers, individuals and businesses, a wide range of communication services: Ultra Broadband Internet access, value-added services, mobile telephony services.

Tiscali is also active in the digital media and online advertising segment through the www.tiscali.it portal, one of the main Italian news outlets.